The Co-Dependency Dilemma

Written By Dr. Nima

On June 22, 2023

Losing touch with your own reality
and getting emotionally enmeshed with another
is the main dilemma in co-dependent relationships.

It’s almost an “out of body” experience.

Without awareness we give up our “agency,”
our choice,
our power,
our well being

and we unknowingly place it in the other person’s hands…
and emotions.

This inevitably leads to resentment because
we then don’t feel honored and seen.

Earlier in the year, during the early
stages of the Corona Virus Pandemic,
it felt like there were a million ambulances
going on every day.

During one of my events, we were interrupted
dozens of times, and each time,
I could feel myself wanting to drift,
much the same way we do when we
are co-dependently constantly worrying about the feelings
of someone in our space.

It was an amazing opportunity for me to
practice the tools I was teaching in that very moment.

Turns out it was a perfect teaching moment.

The interesting thing is —
when we start to take responsibility
for how and where we place our attention
and intention,

we are able to stay grounded and separate
from enmeshment.

Our emotions remain ours,
and we don’t take responsibility for someone else’s.

It’s all part and parcel of healing your attachment wounds.

When you do — relationships transform
to match the degree of grounding you have to yourself.

If you want to learn how to transform your co-dependent patterns and find connection with yourself, and find freedom from the need for approval and acceptance externally,
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