The Most Neglected Relationship And What We Can Do About It

Written By Dr. Nima

On March 6, 2023
It appears there’s a blind spot that might be impacting your ability to have healthy relationships.
I don’t mean to make assumptions about you— especially if we haven’t personally met before.
It’s just that this seems to be constraining 100% of every person who’s ever joined one of our trainings. 
It seems that everyone is dealing with the exact same “upstream” issue:
We have an entire industry of Personal Growth and Therapy/ Psychological Therapeutics/ Psychology 
If you’ve ever caught yourself saying “why do I feel this way?”
“I shouldn’t be thinking/feeling this!”
“Why can’t I just get over it?”
Then congrats— you have a Wiring pattern that resists emotions. 
For good reason, too.
If we grew up with parents who didn’t do their healing work, 
who couldn’t regulate and contain their frustration, shame, guilt, and feelings of “failure”…
then they will project that unhealed relationship to themselves onto us.
And then we pass that onto our kids— who then learn to judge, abandon, 
blame and shame themselves just like we learned how to do.
This is the underlying root cause of most Anxiety issues you’re facing.
It’s an unwillingness to FEEL. 
And it sounds easier than it is.  
To rewire this pattern takes practice and it’s a committed skill. 
But if we don’t— we then have an unhealthy/toxic relationship to ourselves—
and we get into relationships with others who have the exact same relationship with themselves….
combining to make a toxic dynamic we can’t seem to get out of. 
And it’s all in our wiring. 
If we don’t address this— 
we go through endless therapies and seminars trying to learn how to “clear emotions”
instead of learning how to properly Alchemize and Metabolize them, 
through feeling them— 
And our health suffers,
we get anxiety 
and healthy relationships with others becomes an impossibility. 
This is the focus of Rewire: Trauma/Sex/Money.
To shift our most critical relationship — with our own emotions, 
so that our relationship to others shifts.
When you do— you’re able to show up in relationships COMPLETELY differently: 
You are able to speak up.  
You are able to take the risk of asking for what you want.
A snowball effect occurs:  You become open to receive love. 
Enjoyment of fulfilling sex flourishes, because you’re able to be open to receiving it.
Guess what happens to your income?
You no longer push away prosperity.  
By focussing on this primary relationship— and tying it to other areas, 
you get to experience a dramatic shift.
This is what we are doing at Rewire: 
Day 1:  
Shift your inner narrative about love (so you can feel worthy of receiving it.)
Day 2:
Shift your inner narrative about sex (so you can have it in a healthy relationship and not need to use fantasy)
Day 3:
Shif your inner narrative about money (so you can feel deserving and receptive to prosperity and abundance).
Jump in here— and join us March 10-12 (11-13 in Australia/NZ).  
3 Intensely transformative days. 
Not to be missed if you want life to look different in a short period of time. 
Send me a DM if you’re wanting to come— but feel unsure. 
I’m happy to chat more to help get you clarity. 
See you at the next perfect time. 
with love,

If you’re intrigued, watch this video.

P.S When you're ready, here's what we got:

Are you ready to work together? I'd love to see if we are the right fit. Apply HERE.

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