The One Thing No One Can Do For Us

Written By Dr. Nima

On March 1, 2023
I don’t mean to be rude when I say this. 
It’s meant more as a wake up call when I’m speaking to my clients, 
who’ve been searching for answers to the most pressing questions:
  • Why don’t my relationships work?
  • Why am I attracted to the same types of partners who treat me like crap?
  • Why can’t I commit?
  • Why do I want to run every time they get close?
  • Why do I constantly second guess myself?
this is usually followed by “advice please!”.
It might be a bitter pill to swallow, but I it’s important for everyone to know:
There isn’t a therapy, a counsellor, a preacher, a book, a video, or a guru
that’s going to solve the fundamental challenges of life in the arena where
we all seem to fight about: 
Love. Sex. Money.
But if you’re willing to look at WHY our conditioning through culture/religion 
and family systems have SHAPED us, 
only THEN can we solve these fundamental dilemmas that plague our reality.
I had to look under the hood at my own wiring for love:
Message I received:  “I’m not loveable unless I’m successful”
That had me become transactional when it came to relationships, 
full of ego, pride, and greed as a means of validating myself, 
allowing me to consent to less than ideal relationships— overlooking MASSIVE
red flags, leading up to an abusive relationship where I was both a perpetrator, 
and a victim in the Drama Triangle. 
I then looked under the hood at my wiring for Sex:  
“Sex makes you bad”.
I was conditioned to believe sex is bad, only for marriage, 
causing a split in my psyche and try to be “pure” when a part of me
became highly addicted to the validation derived from “closing” with a new partner.
That led me to stay in a 3 year on again/off again relationship with a sex worker 
I was NEVER going to marry and stay with her for a year longer than I should have,
to try to protect myself from a smear campaign if I left. 
I then had to look at my own wiring for Money:
“Money will be taken away. It won’t last. Whatever you build will be taken away.”
This was my experience with my family system in childhood.  
My parents dropped everything they had— home, career, all of it 
when the Islamic Revolution happened in Iran. 
We left with almost nothing, 
and I witnessed two young parents in their mid 20’s 
starting over in a new Country.  
This cycle of me building up my finances only to have it all collapse
has repeated itself in my life 4 times. 
ALL UNTIL I SAID “ENOUGH” and decided to shift my wiring. 
I realized no personal development in the world 
if I didn’t go DEEP enough
was going to shift the conditioning unless I was willing to get very 
raw and real and look at the patterns and,
using a BODY BASED Neurological approach…
to REWIRE these patterns. 
The results have been outstanding.
I’ve healed my relationship with my parents.
I’ve healed my relationship with men.
I’ve integrated my inner masculine and feminine parts. 
And— Been able to feel safe in my skin,
truly feel a sense of self love emerge…
And see it now play out in my life…
with a beautiful family, 
a community of other #cyclebreakers who are walking the path beside me
(and the number is growing every day)…
Having conscious sex in a monogamous relationship (I didn’t trust myself before)
And prosperity is flowing like a river, 
all on the other side of me expressing my creative gifts….
All because I shifted my conditioning.
That’s why it’s such an honor for me to guide 100 other souls in the container 
on March 10-12 (in North America)— 11-13 in Oz… 
If you’re brave enough to look under the hood, 
and do do something NO ONE can do for you (which is to heal and rescue yourself)…
Then jump in now— and join us. 
If you’re ready to have a Quantum leap in the 3 most triggering and problematic areas of life:
Love, Sex, and Money….
and you’re mature enough to be part of the conversation of healing the root cause of the root cause…
It would be an honor to guide you to rescue and rewire yourself. 
Because no one else will 🙂
See you at the next perfect time.
with love….

If you’re intrigued, watch this video.

P.S When you're ready, here's what we got:

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