The Path From Insecure Avoidant To Secure

Written By Dr. Nima

On February 20, 2023
If you can identify with being Avoidant attached– you have a deep desire for connection– but are deathly afraid of it.
Historically connection meant that you’d have to take responsibility for other people’s emotions. There’s a paralyzing fear of losing oneself, and not being understood.
It just sometimes feels safer being on an island.
After being alone for 4 years, Ryan wanted to find the root of why he was wanting to be on an island and wanted to learn what the root of it all was.
Today, life is different and he was willing to share the 3 main transitions he went through to get there.
Jump on if you want to learn how to create relationships that don’t feel like you’re being suffocated.
Send me a DM if you have any questions or this interview resonates with you.

If you’re intrigued, watch this video.

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