Why Books And Videos Alone Don’t Cut It For Healing

Written By Dr. Nima

On March 8, 2023
(I’ll tell you how by the end).
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There’s a massive distinction I feel is important you understand if we are going to talk about TRANSFORMATION.
In the world of healing and growth (which I’ve been obsessed with for the past 40 years)
there is a LOT of INFORMATION out there to consume.
Unfortunately, most people who say they are interested in shifting their insecure relationships,
in creating secure attachments, healing from Co-Dependency and relationship anxiety,
you’ll notice they all have one thing in common:
Frustration with the fact that nothing much is actually CHANGING.
This causes us to fear that we’ll always be stuck in the same boat repeating the same patterns,
or suspect that all the books and videos are just scammers.
Most would say “feeling better”— and I’m not debating that that’s definitely a good sign of a transformation.
Getting to a place where we see the cup as “half-full” with more of an optimistic perspective is definitely
one of the signs of a Nervous System moving from “Protection” to “safety”.
I’m inviting you to look much deeper into your body…  at your REACTIONS.
True healing comes when we are no longer reacting the same way we always have…
from a “knee-jerk” fight (poke), flight (run), freeze (hide), and fawn (fix)—
which are all unconscious patterns we adopted in childhood to keep us safe….
When these attachment distress reactions cause enough pain for us to do the REAL deep inner work….
1) That’s when you notice— as a “fighter”— you become less reactive and more agreeable.
Things that would piss you off — you are more understanding about.
2) As a “runner”— normally the discomfort causes you to want to run— on the other side of the inner work,
you’re able to sit with the discomfort and move that energy through your body and “talk it through” to a resolution.
3) As a “freezer”— when you check out and go “deer in headlights” at the first sign of conflict—
on the other side of the inner work, you’re able to stay in your body, self regulate— and respond and reconnect and repair.
No more checking out and ghosting for days.
4) And as a “fixer”— instead of placating and abandoning yourself just for the sake of “keeping the peace”—
on the other side of the inner work, you’re able to set boundaries, say, no, make requests and ask for what you truly want.
Firstname, NONE of these transformations in the way you respond to conflict can happen by reading books and watching videos.
I’m willing to go so far as to say that talk therapy doesn’t change the reaction, either.
This is the man constraint with MOST of the “work” people talk about when they say they are “working on themselves”.
It’s simply awareness based— without getting the actual body involved.
That’s just awareness.  Awareness is a first step— but it’s not going to change us from reacting like jerks or checking out.
The TRUE inner work that involves getting into the body on a Nervous system level is the ONLY way you can hear what
our students/clients have been saying…  which is “people are noticing a difference in me.”
When you go deeper than just books and videos and show up in a container that teaches you how to rewire old patterns…
People start to notice a shift— and you’re the only one that knows what it is.
You react differently.
You have a sense of calm that oozes through you.
The light comes back in your eyes,
and you become MAGNETIC— as your self worth expands.
If you’re ready to experience the true difference between INFORMATION and TRANSFORMATION,
you’re invited to jump in and join me lead a container of 100 people over 3 days into an emersion into the most
frustrating parts of our lives due to unresolved reactivity:
We’ll be delving into your reactivity in these areas and going into the body and creating a “pause” between stimulus and response,
so you can create new outcomes.
When we ignore this— we keep the awareness at a cognitive level— and we are trapped by our old patterns and identity
and our future becomes pre-determined for us.
When we finally learn this— we choose a new path, with new possibilities.
Relationships heal and shift.
Sex life gets spicier and more intimate.
And our money story shifts from constant concern to prosperity and freedom.
if you’re finally ready to rewire, and take your healing from “not enough” to “completely unrecognizable"
here’s the link.  JUMP IN.

P.S.  there’s a $100 coupon over the next 24 hours if you DM me for it.

P.S When you're ready, here's what we got:

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