Women With Men Who Watch P0rn

Written By Dr. Nima

On August 13, 2023
This was the question recently asked in our fb community, evoking deep, personal responses. A particular reflection from one woman stood out about her challenge with sxx.
“Competing with p0rn and the unrealistic expectations from men engrossed in it is overwhelming. For me, sxxual intimacy is an act of deep emotional bonding.
It’s a sacred connection I reserve for profound love.
Yet, I often find myself with men who chase fleeting thrill rather than genuine intimacy.
Despite clear intentions and boundaries on my part, these men mask their true motives, only to discard me once their desires are satiated.”

This recurring narrative touched a nerve, and understanding its depth was crucial.

To address and unravel the complexities of such experiences,
neuroscientist and MD, Dr. Russell Kennedy and I collaborated on a 32-minute video discussion (shared in the fb group).

We've not only dissected this issue but also provided actionable insights.

Guess what?

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