Working Backwards With the End in Mind

Written By Dr. Nima

On June 6, 2023

I know this message might sound a little morbid,
but this is the kind of stuff I really enjoy thinking of.

Most of us are walking on this planet quite unconsciously.
Waking up, stuck in our heads over what isn’t working,
how we aren’t getting what we want,
how shitty our jobs or relationships are,

lamenting over our frustrations,
and COMPLETELY unaware that we do actually have the power to change.

I discovered that we had it all backwards,
and that’s why what we teach our students and clients has been making the greatest impact for them.

My invitation is for you to try this on:

Begin with the end in mind.

Sounds depressing, but work with me here:

You’re going to die— a lot sooner than you think.
This isn’t a dress rehearsal.
It’s your last shot.

And most of us don’t live beyond 73 years old.

That doesn’t mean 40’s and 50’s are your middle ages.
It means that if you are in you’re 30’s you’re actually middle aged.

(Sorry for the truth-bomb there)

So it’s important to pause and consider this now:
When you take your last breath…

What do you want to have accomplished?
What would you love to have created?
Who do you want around you?
What do you want them to say about you?

These were questions I asked myself after my last relationship ended.
This is a CRITICAL question to ask RIGHT NOW if you’re having difficulty in breaking a Trauma Bond.

Because it’s in THESE QUESTIONS where we get to reverse engineer
the new identity we will be wanting to create for the limited days we have left.

Who do you want to be?
What do you want to do?
What do you want to have?

If these questions confuse you or you feel stumped— there’s a good reason for that:
Unresolved Trauma.

Unresolved Trauma energetically prevents us from connecting to this “knowing”.

This is the place to begin for most of us.

It was for me.

When we heal— we then feel safer in our skin and connected to our inner guidance,
which is the most critical component of creating our lives the way we desire,
instead of going through the motions from a place of “duty.”

Where do YOU want to be?

In all of the trainings we do with our students and clients— this is the fundamental place for us to begin…
Because quite frankly— it sets the tone for every single conversation we can make from that point forward,
and helps us guide ourselves into where we get to put our focus and attention.

This is the path — to begin with the end in mind,
and to receive guidance in creating a life of our design, NOT ONE BY DUTY.

Are you ready?


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