3 Shifts From Anxious to Secure

Written By Dr. Nima

On January 14, 2023
If you identify with Anxious Attachment, then you're not alone.
Constantly second guessing yourself, seeking validation, asking friends "what does he/she mean by that?" in this twisted dance of anxiety whether they like you or not or are going to leave.
It sucks.
Good news-- if you want to shift to a more secure state,
where you're comfortable in your own skin, where you're no longer worried if they like you or not--- and are able to call in someone who's emotionally mature, who plans, who shows genuine interest and actually shows up for you...
There are 3 critical transitions you must EMBODY to make that happen.
Lauren made those transitions... and
within months, she is now all-in with someone-- meeting his family, meeting his grandmother-- and he's in the planning stages of looking for a place for them to move into -- even calling her "mom" to his dog!
She shares how she got here in this transmission.

P.S When you're ready, here's what we got:
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