Big “T” Trauma Vs Little “t” Trauma

Written By Dr. Nima

On June 23, 2023

As it turns out, I was completely wrong about what Trauma is.

And not knowing the truth about it kept me stuck there, trying to think my way out of my relationship challenges.

This one oversight keeps people from healing.

In my 20 years of helping people heal, I’ve noticed there are 2 types of people who are stuck:

1)Those who are incessantly sharing their victim story, gaining validation and a sense of supply from wanting everyone to know how bad they had it….

and 2) Those who minimize the impact of what happened to them and refuse to outwardly acknowledge how they were victimized (but their physiology is totally living their victim story).

Either extreme can’t work.

This is one of the foundations of the Training I love to share.

Working in the healing field — first as a Chiropractor, now as an Interpersonal Trauma Specialist — kinda makes you connect some important dots.

There’s HEALING… then there’s COPING.

It’s been my observation that the world is starting to get it’s fill of “coping” strategies and wants to know the difference between “coping” and “healing”.

That’s why I love sharing it — and I have a No bullshit attitude about it.

This clip you’re about to see is a 10 minute clip from one of my recent live events where I break down the way to find that healthy balance between being victimized, yet NOT LETTING THAT BECOME YOUR IDENTITY.

It’s all about acknowledging what was Traumatic to the Nervous System of a child.

When you see how the system responds to such insidious events you wouldn’t have thought were traumatic, you’ll be shocked.

It won’t be comfortable.

But the conversation is necessary.

I’d be curious to see what came up for you after you watch the clip from my most recent live event and see how this plays out in your life.

Watch it — and make sure you share it with someone who needs to see it.

And when you’re actually ready to go from watching videos to actually learning how to resolve these insidious traumas we all face,
I look forward to sharing more and answering your questions at the next live event. When we don’t learn this, we pass the trauma along to our children.

When we do — we break the cycle.

As you’ll see from the video, It definitely didn’t start with you — But it CAN end with you.

When you're ready to heal your relationship/attachment wounds and create relationships that feel secure, here's what we got:

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