How not Learning Self Regulation Destroys Relationship

Written By Dr. Nima

On April 30, 2023

Just had this question:

“I have these mood swings that when I am feeling down,
I feel I need to shut down and stay away from humans until I can regulate.
It could take me a good couple of hours to days to feel like myself again.
My ex-husband complained about this and my current partner complained about the same thing and he never met my ex.

Why is this a problem to anyone when I feel I need to shut down.
I need to be alone, how is that hurting anyone?

Or how else can I work over this?
I am not at my best self when I am in these states and I don’t want to create negative or shameful memories with people while I am at it.
Also it is not anybody’s burden to make me feel better.
I feel worse when I feel I am stressing someone out.”

In this video I unpack this entire question.
Without learning these 5 shifts—
I was doomed to keep repeating the cycle—
And that’s why I’m so keen on teaching these to this community.

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