Unravelling the Mystery of Love and Connection: The Magic ingredient to heal

Written By Dr. Nima

On April 30, 2023

The pandemic has shaken our world to its core,

leaving countless people grappling with isolation and detachment.

But here's a little secret: for those with unresolved attachment trauma,

the struggle with connection has always been real. It’s only just gotten worse.

You know the feeling.

You yearn for deep, meaningful relationships but can't shake the anxiety that comes with opening up.

The reason? Your past experiences have left their mark,

shaping the way you perceive and engage with the world.

Your brain, being the ever-vigilant protector,

has learned to value isolation over vulnerability.

In the past, this survival mechanism shielded you from emotional turmoil.

But now, it's the very thing that's holding you back from love and happiness in adulthood.

The question remains:

How do you break free from this emotional straitjacket?

While devouring books, binge-watching self-help videos,

and trying to rewire your nervous system alone might seem like a good idea,

they're not enough.

The true antidote to this predicament lies in the very thing we're programmed to avoid:


Enter the world of group Somatic healing.

It's all about finding your “Ventral Tether"—those individuals or groups who can provide a safe,

supportive space where you can be truly seen and heard.

As you immerse yourself in this environment,

your shame dissipates, your energy surges,

and your heart embraces the love it's been craving all along.

But first, you've got to make your healing a top priority.

You can't rely on someone else to do the work for you,

but you also can't conquer this challenge solo.

The key is to connect with a seasoned guide who knows the ins and outs of breaking intergenerational cycles.

It's time to decide that although the cycle didn't start with you,

it can end with you—transforming you into a beacon of love and support for others in the process.

Does this resonate?

If so, I invite you to get in touch and share your journey with me.

Together, we'll explore the path to self-discovery, learning to become our own "ventral tethers" and unlocking the power of love and connection.

Your wingman on this adventure,


When you're ready to heal your relationship/attachment wounds and create relationships that feel secure, here's what we got:

1) Subscribe to my Youtube Channel and binge watch my videos

2) Subscribe to my Podcast "TriggerProof Transmissions"

Are you ready to work together? I'd love to see if we are the right fit. Apply HERE.

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